Born on 21 December 1961.

First literary publication in 1974, first book of poetry published in 1980.

Married to Rosita Raud (née MuraškaitÄ—) in 1984.

Graduated from St.Petersburg (Leningrad) University, Japanese Studies Department in 1985.

Son Juhan Raud born in 1988.

Doctoral studies in Literary Theory at the University of Helsinki, PhD in 1994.

Daughter Laura Liina Raud born in 1994.

Professor of Japanese Studies at the University of Helsinki since 1995.

Actively involved in the Estonian Institute of Humanities since its establishment in 1988, later elected Professor of Asian/Cultural Studies.

Rector of the Tallinn University, 2006-11.

Conversations with Zygmunt Bauman, Anthony Giddens, Umberto Eco, Immanuel Wallerstein, Peter Burke and others on the webpage of the Tallinn Virtual University.

Occasionally publishes "very short stories" on
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